Olivum Pur concentrated drops olive leaf
  • Olivum Pur concentrated drops olive leaf



OLIVUM Pur Concentrated Drops (ideal to take away)

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Rich in Poliphenoles


OLIVUM Pur is a watery extract of olive tree leaves, rich in polyphenols, which is an important part of the well-known, healthy Mediterranean diet. The International Commission of food safety has also acknowledged the positive effects of olive oil, bearing in mind that the phenolic compounds in olive leaf extract are up to 3000 times higher than those in a high-quality olive oil.

OLIVUM Pur is made in Italy. Only high-quality ingredients are used. The careful production guarantees the complete preservation of the nutrients contained in the olive leaf: oleuropein, elenolic acid, rutin, hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol.

USE: As prevention, we recommend a daily intake of about 3x 15 - 20 drops pure or diluted, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach. In acute situations, e.g. In the case of a cold, the intake can be temporarily doubled. The daily amount also depends on the weight and lifestyle of the person. Important is that during the treatment you drink a lot of water.

OLIVUM Pur can be taken by anyone. In children and animals, the amount must be reduced by half.

INGREDIENTS:Glycerin, aqueous concentrated extract of olive leaves (Olea europaea L.). OLIVUM PUR consists only of high-quality ingredients, a certificate of analysis confirms that all ingredients are free of pesticides and toxins.

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