This site, the brand and the products supplied (hereinafter the "Olivum") are owned by Olivum Sagl, headquartered via A Prelonch 7, 6992 Cimo (CH), VAT CHE 394.064.032.



"Olivum" is committed to delivering quality products. Customer satisfaction is our priority and our goal is to provide our clients with an outstanding service. If the client is not satisfied with the delivered products, he/she can inform our Customer Care by phone 091 604 53 69 or by email info@olivum-vitae.ch. In order to make use of our “money back guarantee”, the complaint has to be made as soon as the goods are delivered, this means on the same day as the delivery occurs.


"Olivum" believes the price, size and nutritional data of its products to be correct and accurate. As with any edible product, the customer should check for any specific nutritional or dietary restrictions on the package before consuming any item purchased from "Olivum".



There isn’t a minimum purchase amount for products delivered by "Olivum". All prices include VAT. From an order value of CHF 65.00 the shipping costs are included.


"Olivum" reserves the right to limit order quantities for a given product and not to execute the delivery in case of an extraordinarily heavy or voluminous order. If an ordered product is not available at the time of delivery, Olivum.com will not invoice this product nor send it to the customer subsequently.

Order confirmation

All orders are subject to confirmation by "Olivum". The billing amount will only be debited after the order has been processed at one of our logistics centres. Special discounts and price reductions are calculated on the initial order amount, even if the order is completed by the customer later on. The contract comes into force with the placing of the order by the client and its electronic confirmation by "Olivum". The customer can amend or cancel the order only as long as it is not treated in one of our logistics centers.


Payment methods

The customer may choose between payment via credit card, PayPal and in payment slip. When paying with a payment slip, the invoice amount is due 30 days after receipt of the goods.

If the before-mentioned deadlines are not met, "Olivum" may suspend the customer's subsequent order and charge the costs for reminders to the customer. A reminder automatically entails the suspension of the payment method by billing. In case of legal recovery, this payment method will definitely be blocked.

Reimbursement, credits, vouchers, gifts

If the customer is entitled to a reimbursement or other credit, the amount will be credited to his or her customer account, to be used within one year for orders at "Olivum". After the stipulated period, the credit expires. Upon request, the refund can be made to a bank or postal account.

Delivery & deposit

Delivery schedules

Normally deliveries are made on Tuesday and Thursday and sent by Swiss Post by regular mail (2- 3 days). On request, deliveries can also be made on another day, for urgent deliveries can be sent by A-Post, the cost of delivery in this case are charged on the customer.